Our Work

Project Eklavya, an initiative of Indus Action, aims to implement RTE Section 12(1)(c) across India by 2020, enrolling 1 million students and fostering inclusive practices across schools.

TAP India supported Indus Action to design and implement the on-ground enrolment campaigns in all low income areas of Delhi. In the three years from 2014 -2016, Indus Action identified and supported over 200,000 eligible families to avail free education for their children in neighbourhood private schools. Currently around 20,000 children are enrolled all over Delhi through TAP India’s support.

TAP India and Indus Action’s work began in a community with less than 3% of eligible families aware of the policy. Through advocacy efforts with government, media and other civil society organisations, we achieved full participation by schools in the lottery system. Project Eklavya now operates in to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh through support by the EY Foundation and DRK Foundation.


200,000 families supported

20,000 children enrolled

Watch a short documentary on Indus Action's volunteer-driven campaign