Our Focus

Chronic poverty, social exclusion, and inequalities linked to gender, race and ethnicity, location, and disability can interact to lock groups into extreme educational disadvantage. TAP India is committed to addressing the problem of social and economic marginalisation in education. We focus our resources on providing education, nutrition, and health care to the most vulnerable children in India in order to have a transformational social impact.

Our Approach

We partner with existing organisations to build on their work, helping to design philanthropic projects that are scalable, sustainable, and community-led.

TAP India operates with the belief that resources to overcome barriers to education already exist within the system. Thus, a collaborative approach is necessary to confront a multifaceted problem.

We design low cost and high leverage systemic interventions to provide easy access to quality education for children growing up in adverse backgrounds. In addition to funding, we offer support to our partners by:

  • Creating models for replication to scale
  • Nurturing leadership from within
  • Building partnerships and mobilising resources

We work closely with local and state leadership to ensure that the voices of our communities and families reach policymakers. Our models are available open-source to be scaled up by social entrepreneurs, organisations, and state governments.