Towards A Prosperous INDIA 
invests in educationnutrition, and health for marginalised children and helps build their future


TAP India provides more than just funding. Alongside our partners, we create strategies for scale, nurture constructive partnerships, and develop leadership. Our goal is to bring the community, organisations, and the state on the same platform.


Our focus is India's most marginalised children. We support the socially and economically disadvantaged and minority communities. Beneficiaries of our work are typically working class families, construction workers, rag-pickers, and beggars.


Investing in children means investing in the future leaders of our economy, government, and world. By providing them with adequate education, nutrition, and health care, we strive to end the vicious cycle of poverty through equal opportunity. 

TAP Gurgaon

Implemented by Sakshi and Agrasar, TAP Gurgaon supports ten education centres for the most marginalised children across the city.

Project Eklavya

With the support of TAP India, Indus Action developed grassroots campaigns across low-income areas of Delhi. The model, designed to identify and support eligible families to avail free education in local private schools under Right to Education Section 12(1)(c), is now being adopted by state governments across the nation. 

Our impact

See how TAP India is helping communities and earning the support of local leaders.